Matagamon Lake
Association, Inc.


Matagamon Lake Association

P. O. Box 676

Patten, Me. 04765



 (due to current conditions may require change)

Annual Meeting 


April 26th, 12 noon

at Matagamon Store


Current officers;

Joseph Christianson, President

Jon Marshall, Vice President

Don Dudley, Secretary, Treasurer

Board of Directors;

 Joseph Christianson, Donald Dudley, Jon Marshall, Rick Hill, Marty Peters, Nels Kramer

  Jason Mitchell, Kevin Dunham-Inland Fisheries, Pete Ruksznis-Atlantic Salmon Commission


Engineering Study completed October 2013 by Kleinschmidt Corporation

Study recommendations for estimates on repairs

Three bidders were involved

Total repairs estimated cost $238,440.00

We currently are in process of fund raising

Raised to date $146,376.09 as of September 25, 2018

2018 repair cost concrete work and fencing $106,153.66

Funds available for slated 2019 repairs

Penobscot County $20,000.00

Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund=$17,460.00

Matching funds for Deck repair
Total cost of $34,920.00
Our portion $17,460.00
MOHF portion $17,460.00

Matagamon Lake Association Funds $21,376.65

Total monies available $58,836.65

Completed Cost 2019 repairs $56,910.00

Leaving our account at $1,926.65

with fall donations

At December, 2019 current account at $2,716.61


Other repairs completed

2003 Fish way repaired-replaced all wood and installed aluminum gates

2009 Installed new hoist, generator, AC power, steamer for gate ice removal

2015 Replaced nine spillway (flood) gates, wooden gates last replaced in 1983

Special Thanks to :

The Penobscot County Commissioners

 For providing a TIF Grant in the amount of $100,000,00

Nate Holyoke Builders & Ellsworth Builders Supply (EBS) for spillway gates

EBS supplied the timbers and Nate Holyoke supplied all hardware, built gates, delivered and instal


Upcoming projects;

Slated for fall 2018, Installation of Armor Steel plating over 4 piers on lakeside to stop ice damage in spring runoffs, (completed fall 2018)

 repairing concrete on piers #1, #2 lakeside and #1, #2, #3 on river side, ( completed fall 2018)

Remove fencing on upper deck (completed  fall 2018)

New Fencing delivered and to be stained (Completed fall 2019)

 repair concrete on piers #4, #5, #6, and East wall riverside (completed fall 2019)

Boiler Room area resurfaced(completed fall 2019)

Concrete Deck Face resurface (completed fall 2019)

Guide slot resurface lakeside (future, as funding is secured)

Right Abutment upstream and downstream wing wall repaired to below normal waterline (future, as funding secured)

The east wall on #4 spillway gate & west wall on log sluice spillway gate (future, as funding secured)

The six piers between flood gates#1 thru #9 refaced and covered by steel half pipe (future, as funding secured)

A plaque honoring our donors to be installed at dam entrance- currently under construction (future, after construction complete)

October news

Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument created, starting about one mile below Matagamon Dam

with the East Branch of Penobscot River flowing through it.

We contacted Tim Hudson serving Superintendent, to visit and inspect our dam, which was done in October 2016, we explained our operation and inquired if there would be any impact from new Monument. He expressed they would not impact our operation. We certainly would welcome their presence at future meetings and discussions.

We had contacted Senator Angus King Jr. as well and were visited by Barbara Hayslett, Constituent Service Representative, Barbara visited the dam in October and has since sent us information for areas to research for possible grants, this information has been forwarded to our Board and we are currently researching .

We currently are applying for grants to complete some or all of the above future updates, updates are listed in order of importance, some require the lake to be drawn down to complete, suggesting we do certain updates together to avoid extra drawdowns.


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