Matagamon Lake
Association, Inc.


Maintenance Updates

Major Maintenance Updates

Matagamon Dam


1941 Existing dam built-replacing timber crib style dam from 1880ís

1943 Runaround dams built, earth embankments (dikes) 3 dams

1951 Retimber runaround dam #3 (dike)

1959 Replaced nine timber spillway gates (flood gates)

1959 Reinforced #1 and #2 runaround dams (dikes) reinforced #3 with sheet piling

1961 Replaced wood stop logs, add trash racks and shutter gate in fish way

1982 Replaced spalled concrete on upstream piers, general face work.

1983 Installed pressure treated spillway gates (flood gates)

1988 Rebuilt all three runaround dams (dikes) earthen with liner and rock riprap

2000 Matagamon Lake Association formed to take ownership of Dam

 A private corporation to take ownership from East Branch Improvement Co.

Comprised of camp and landowners, resource agencies, and local businesses       

2003 Rebuilt fish way, replaced all wood and installed aluminum doors (replacing wood)

2004 Installed gate at Dam entrance (advise of lawyer) in lieu of insurance

2009 Replaced generator 21kw Diesel to raise hoist (replacing 1940 5kw DC generator.)

2009 Replaced 1940 DC power hoist with 10 Ton Harrington Chain Hoist, AC power

2009 Rewired from generator shed to dam and across to hoist for AC power

2009 Installed new steamer with extended wand to thaw gates in winter

2009 Repaired 8X8 storage building to house steamer and hoist equipment

2010 Installed weather cover over hoist

2013 Chimney removed, for safety reasons, not currently in use

2013 Engineer study done October, to determine normal upkeep repairs

2015 Installed new pressure treated spillway gates (9 Flood Gates) Previously replaced in 1983-1959

2018 Installed 3/8 Steel Sheeting over piers #3, #4 #5, #6 on lakeside, Filled between pier and steel with 4000 psi concrete

2018 Repaired piers #1, #2 on lakeside, demolished damaged concrete, formed and filled with 4000 psi concrete

2018 Repaired piers #1, #2, #3, on riverside, demolished damaged concrete, formed and filled with 4000 psi concrete

2018 Removal and (replacement of fencing on deck) will be replaced after repairs completed 2019

2019 Complete 4 piers on riverside, boiler room sills, east wall between fishway and #4 deep gate

2019 Repair deck , demolished concrete and repaired damaged areas

2019 Replaced fencing

2020 Finish Concrete work on log slot sluice gates and 6 small piers between sluice gates (flood gates)

2020 Finish Concrete work on West Wall, lakeside and riverside and riverside deck below sluice gates

2020 Finish all recommendations of 2013 Engineer study

2021 Currently constructing an "Honor Board" to recognize our donors

2022 Completion of "Honor Board" to recognize our donors.


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