Katahdin Region Wilderness
Guide Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are a few questions that are commonly asked. I hope these may help but if you have a question, feel free to email and I'll try to answer them as soon as possible:

Do I have lodging?
No, but I can set you up in lodging in the area. Motels, campgrounds with housekeeping cabins, some of the campgrounds have restaurants.

Do I furnish transportation?
Yes, I furnish all transportation during the hunt, also to the tagging station and to the butcher.

Can I hunt anything else?
Yes, coyote season is open all year round. Grouse hunting may also be open.

What if I get my moose right off?
You have me for the week, so we could coyote or grouse hunt, do some sightseeing or get back into another moose hunt and try to help another guide in the area.

Do you take care of the moose for me?
Yes, after the moose is down, I'll dress it off, retrieve the animal and load it on my truck using, chain, cables, ropes and pulleys

Can I bring others with me?
Yes, I have an extended cab pick-up that will seat 5 (4 comfortable). If some of your group will be driving another vehicle, be sure that it is equipped with a CB radio for communication between the vehicles. It is also needed to keep track of the logging trucks that use the roads that we'll be hunting on.

Do I do any calling?
Yes, during the first week, moose respond to calls the best as they are generally still in the rut. The second week is a little harder as they are at the end of there rut.

What caliber is recommended?
30 caliber and up but it still depends on the shot placement

Do I need to wear orange?
Yes, one piece, either a hat or vest that is visible from all directions.

More to come as I think of them.


Last updated Saturday, January 21, 2023